Unofficial Kerith Fan Club | Services
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Unofficial Kerith Fan Club aims to interrogate process, politics, and personal limits.


Providing workshops that are exciting, troubling, responsive, and unforgettable; talks and appearances that are thrilling and original; and dramaturgy and mentoring programs that are inspiring, decisive, and considered.


Unofficial Kerith Fan Club has a particular interest – and years of experience – in providing opportunities for LGBTIQA+ community members, and artists with mental illness.


  • Dramaturgy
  • Artist Mentoring
  • Panel Appearances
  • Talks/Lectures
  • Workshops led by Kerith Manderson-Galvin
  • Workshops in collaboration with artists including Casey Jenkins, Doppelgangster and Tenfingerz Productions.
  • Week-long workshops for artists
  • Single day and half-day workshops for artists
  • Single day and half-day workshops for students
  • Single lesson sessions for VCE Drama/Theatre Studies, and Undergraduate Creative Arts/Drama Students
Unofficial Kerith Fan Club services are all designed bespoke to your specific interests and needs.
Workshops draw from processes used in Kerith Manderson-Galvin’s own practice, and have been used to create work and facilitate workshops for other artists (including MKA + VCA Musical Theatre Department). Current dramaturgy projects include Sandra Long’s Pancake Opus 100 (La Mama), Another Perfect Example of the Happy Couple by David Unwin (MKA), and a new performance work by Harvey Zielinski.


Popular Workshops

Queering Relationships In Theatre (18+)

What can we learn from non-traditional relationships that might help the way we work with others in our theatrical practice?

Unofficial Kerith Fan Club invites you to an open and honest discussion about  relationship anarchy, non-monogamy, BDSM, and collaborative processes. Drawing from relationship frameworks that champion consent, honesty, safety and desire and using safer sex+relationship education exercises as a guide, Unofficial Kerith Fan Club hopes to find ways to make safer, more enjoyable queer performance spaces.

This workshop was first conducted as a workshop and discussion first at Director’s Lab 2016 (Melbourne Festival, Theatre Works)

Kerith Manderson-Galvin is a trained HIV and sexual health and healthy relationship peer and youth educator through YEAH

 Auto-fictions and Adaptation

Participants use pre-existing stories (theatre, film, novel, myth etc.) and their own personal experience to provoke a short performance work.  

Exercises are written and physical: with no expectation on individual participation beyond personal limits. The focus of the workshop to weave individual personal and bodily experience into a known story. Create your own fiction- a hero, a fantasy, a monster.

All levels of theatre makers, artists, writers and creators and school-level students can be accommodated.  Participants will be given the opportunity to share their progress in the workshop.